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Parea Biosciences ICC x Kush Mintz

ICC x Kush Mintz

We’ve always felt that growers giving out the lineage for their genetics is one of the most important elements of transparency for the program. Knowing where the strain came from and what it is can provide a roadmap for a better experience for patients. While Parea makes sure to give out the breeder and the lineage for all their strains, luckily the ICC x Kush Mintz makes that easy.

Parea Biosciences

This cultivar is a cross between two heavy hitting genetics, Ice Cream Cake (Wedding Cake x Gelato #33) and Kush Mintz (Animal Mints x Bubba Kush) and was originally bred by Seed Junky Genetics.

Ice Cream Cake Strain

The ICC x Kush Mintz holds a special place inside Parea’s garden. The strain is at the heart of Parea’s collab with professional cannabis photographer Tyler “Terpcam” Cameron—one of a series of collaborations that Parea is doing with breeders, growers, and people that truly represent cannabis culture from across the country.

Based in Bend, Oregon, Tyler’s wild journey has brought him to the forefront of cannabis photography, taking incredible macro shots of some of the highest-grade cannabis on the west coast.

He honed his craft with the help of Erik “Nugshots” Christiansen, a true artist and legend of cannabis photography and media. While he was learning from Erik, Tyler cut his teeth at Storm Cannabis where Parea’s Director of Cultivation Patrick Sprout was the head cultivator from 2018-2021. During that time Storm gained a reputation for growing some of the highest quality cannabis in the Oregon market and Tyler continued to showcase that quality through his photography.

PA Medical Marijuana

When things changed at the company and Patrick decided to head back home to Pennsylvania, Tyler grabbed the ICC x Kush Mintz and a few of the cuts he loved most to keep them alive with tap water and living soil in his garage in the hopes of getting them back out to Patrick in PA. Nine months later Patrick was at Parea and this personally beloved cut from Tyler found a new home in Coal Township, Pennsylvania in Parea’s garden.

ICC x Kush Mintz
ICC x Kush Mintz

The cross is enticing enough, but the personal attachment behind the strain brought a smile to our face before we even opened the ICC x Kush Mintz. Once you do pop open the bag you can see why Tyler decided to save it. Its bright green buds will leave your fingers sticky to the touch with a potent aroma that contains notes of earthy mint and funk.


It’s always enjoyable when a cannabis offspring expresses the best traits from its parents. Any patient that has enjoyed Ice Cream Cake or Kush Mintz genetics is sure to appreciate what comes through from both sides on this cut. It has a robust, sweet, creamy, flavor profile reminiscent of the ICC with a cool, mint sensation from the Kush Mintz coming through on the exhale. The effects are mellow and enjoyable, bringing a soothing relaxation with just the right dose of euphoria.

PA Marijuana

Overall, this is one we keep coming back to from Parea’s ever expanding strain offerings. For patients looking for some clear-headed, calming sensations this can be a great option. You also just might be able to feel the extra care that comes through on a strain that has a shared connection and a story to tell.

Find the Terpcam Cut of ICC x Kush Mintz from Parea on select dispensary shelves across Pennsylvania now in 3.5g and bulk flower options.

Parea Biosciences


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