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Parea Biosciences OG Kush

“Gas” is a word you’ll hear often in cannabis circles used to point someone in the direction of high-quality flower. At KCRA, we try not to drop that term lightly. Water it down and it’s left with no meaning. But if there’s one strain that could deliver on the gas, we were hoping it was the OG Kush from Parea.

OG Kush

Popular in California, OG Kush has been a West Coast classic since the 90’s, but a verified cut of the original Josh D version of OG Kush doesn’t just pop up for sale to growers. Even though it’s one of the most recognizable strain names in the industry, we hadn’t seen a real representation of it in the PA Medical Program yet.

Josh D OG Kush

That’s mostly because finding a real cut of OG Kush has become more and more difficult out west let alone for a commercial operation based in Pennsylvania. But the key to finding the source for verified cuts is knowing it, and the source of Parea’s OG Kush is Sebastian Stalman. Sebastian owns B.A. Botanicals, a licensed cultivator and rosin producer based in Oregon. His greenhouse is home to a wide variety of heirloom genetics that he grows mostly to produce the rosin he loves to smoke.

Parea Biosciences
OG Kush

Sebastian keeps the folklore behind these strains alive and has a story to tell for each of them. He’s had the OG Kush cut since 2012, when he got it in the San Fernando Valley while living in California. In the decade plus since, it’s remained his favorite cut and he hasn’t stopped growing or smoking it—only passing it along to people worthy of carrying the torch and willing to take on the challenge of growing a classic strain in a commercial setting.

Parea Biosciences

Last year, Parea’s Director of Cultivation Patrick Sprout told us that he had brought in a clone of the verified Josh D cut of OG Kush from Sebastian and we’ve been waiting to try it since then. The OG made its way to PA along with several other west coast staples for the Parea x B.A. Botanicals collab.

The collab pays homage to the source and tells the story of how a classic strain and a staple genetic in the history of cannabis is now being grown for the PA Medical Marijuana Program by Parea. Sebastian told us it was a cut that you have to grow perfect to have it be perfect—and while we will hold off on calling it perfect—Parea’s OG Kush is definitely some gas.

Josh D OG Kush
PA Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana

Once you take this OG Kush out of its packaging, prepare for the nostalgia to drop in. Its green buds might not win anyone over with bag appeal, but the sight of green herb is a near vintage look that’s almost refreshing.

It’s got nice smooth notes of gas that hit your nostrils and make their way into a pungent taste that delivers for anyone who has been searching for true gas in the program.

OG Kush

OG Kush effects bring a classic stoned relaxation that sets you at ease and can leave you feeling comfortable winding down. Sebastian dubbed the OG Kush as, “truly great medicine," and we couldn’t agree more. The OG can be a great option for pain relief or physical discomfort while still keeping your mind at ease even in larger doses.

Find the OG Kush from Parea on select dispensary shelves across Pennsylvania now and check out some of the other strains available through the Parea x B.A. Botanicals collab.

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