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Providing Educational Resources Designed to Improve the PA Patient Experience

Our Background

KCRA is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where our co-founders were both born and raised. Founded by medical marijuana patients, we are passionate about cannabis as medicine and know firsthand the power of medical marijuana in helping to improve the lives of patients.
We started KCRA to help shape the industry towards its full potential and create the PA medical marijuana program we wanted to see as patients.

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Nic Nee

Nic Nee 

President, Co-Owner

Growing up in the south hills of Pittsburgh, Nic received degrees from the University of Mount Union in Business and Art/Photography. Nic has a professional background in corporate agency sales, business analytics and logistic coordination. He has successfully developed sales-based solutions for manufacturers in the lighting industry that have generated millions in revenue and assisted companies in navigating through a fast-paced corporate sales environment.


Nic has been a Pennsylvania medical marijuana patient since the inception of the program. His experiences as a patient in the first several years of the program led him to develop KCRA by adapting the proven business strategies from is professional background to build a principled approach to working with PA grower/processors to represent their product and educate patients. He is passionate about the opportunity to work in the industry and provide business solutions that achieve sustainable success for growers and create a better PA medical marijuana program for patients.


Jack Weber

Vice-President, Co-Owner

Jack is originally from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He received his degree in Political Science at the University of Mount Union, alongside Nic. Jack has a professional background in legislative/regulatory analysis. He has experience in analyzing legislation at the state and federal level on a variety of issues.


His work has taken him from the non-profit sector to a trade association, where he has become an expert on tobacco policy and regulation in the United States. Jack has provided original policy analysis for the tobacco industry on tobacco and nicotine regulation across all levels of government. When he was tasked with tracking and analyzing cannabis legislation at the federal level, he became interested in the regulatory structure of different legal and medicinal markets across the country. He has used his professional background to build out the resources KCRA makes available to educate patients on medical marijuana. He is currently a resident of downtown Pittsburgh and is a registered patient in the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program.


The K.C.R.A. Model

The K.C.R.A. model represents the guiding principles of our agency and the goals we set out to accomplish. Established in 2016, the PA MMP is still in its infancy. We believe in the potential of the PA program and its ability to provide high-quality, compassionate care to PA patients through their experiences with medical marijuana.
We want to bring the MMOs that genuinely care about the Pennsylvania medical marijuana patient and program to the forefront and create a pathway for them to better connect with PA medical marijuana patients.  

K: Knowledge

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Our mission at KCRA includes advancing the cannabis industry in PA through education on all things medical marijuana. As the industry continues to expand, we view transparency and access to information as a key component of that growth. Our platform is built with the goal of giving growers the opportunity to educate patients on their product. 

C: Community


We believe that being passionate about the cannabis plant as medicine and genuinely caring about how medical marijuana products can help patients is fundamental to the success of the industry. We care about the stories of patients and how medical marijuana has helped their lives. We want to create a community where patients can feel recognized and be more connected to the growers that cultivate their medicine.

R: Relationships

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Relationships are at the heart of any industry. Our agency aims to create stronger, more efficient working relationships between MMO’s to provide for a better experience from seed-to-sale. ​As the program expands and our agency grows, we want to continue to normalize business relations in the industry and provide solutions for growers through representing their product in a variety of ways.  

A: Agency

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Our goal is to help facilitate the overall improvement of the patient experience by providing a platform for accessible, detailed information on PA MMJ and opening a unique pathway for patients and growers to connect. Our representation is designed to create a more collaborative and transparent marketplace where patients can feel more educated in the dispensary and better understand the effort growers are putting into cultivating product.   

Regulatory Compliance

We understand that all companies operating in the PA medical marijuana industry must put regulatory compliance first. All the services and information we offer at KCRA are designed to be for educational purposes only for PA medical marijuana patients.


Through legal counsel and other measures, we ensure that we remain in compliance with all state laws and Pennsylvania Department of Health regulations for the PA medical marijuana program for everything we do as an agency. 



We love hearing from anyone involved in the PA MMJ community!

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