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Justice Cannabis Co.

License: Vertically Integrated

Grow Location: Hazel Township

MSO: Yes

Dispensary: Justice Grown, Bloc

Justice Cannabis Co.

Crops believes in freedom, discovery and finding your true north through an array of different and ever-changing perspectives. They believe that a life well-traveled is a life well-lived and grant you permission to explore your thoughts, the world and your own sense of self in whichever way you choose to.

Crops produces a variety of strains that bring freedom, ease and joy to your life. With euphoric cannabis experiences, their product range offers the ability to unlock wellness, expand tranquility and find perspective shifts in a way that is natural, therapeutic and good for both you and the planet. They don’t prescribe to the notion of one size fits all and encourage you to tailor your cannabis experience to whichever way you’re spinning on this big blue planet. Whether it’s relief from pain, a pathway to creativity or simply a higher vibration, and whether you use it as the bookends to your day or pop it in your pocket for later, the Crops state of mind is fuel for your journey.

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