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Ascend Wellness

License: Clinical Registrant

Grow Location: Smithfield, PA

MSO: Yes

Dispensary: Ascend

Research Affiliate: Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine

AWH is a U.S. multi-state operator, with assets in six states including Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The company focuses on limited license states east of the Rockies, with flagship locations in desirable retail corridors serving key medical and adult-use markets.

AWH is committed to breaking down traditional barriers in the cannabis marketplace to redefine the industry from the ground up. The company owns and operates state-of-the-art cultivation facilities, grows award-winning strains and produces a curated selection of premium products. AWH provides accessible retail experiences, trusted products and exclusive brand partnerships. Because cannabis should be accessible to everyone.

Ascend Brands



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