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Goodblend Launches Float Flower Line in Pennsylvania

Goodblend launched its flower line into the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program this week. Titled Float, the brand dropped its first batch of flower just before 4/20 with four different strains coming from their first harvest. These strains include juice box, blueberry muffin, jokerz candy, and a han solo burger x northfire cookies cross. On launch, this flower is available at both the Goodblend location in Pittsburgh and in Erie. The brand will also be made available through all Restore IWC locations in southeastern PA.

Speaking in a Reddit AMA, float said the following on their growing process and practices:

“We exclusively hand trim all of our flower with small batch curing practices, along with this we take pride in selecting genetics for flavor and medicinal benefits. Our workforce is extremely engaged, completely putting them first is our priority and what helps us grow and produce amazing cannabis. Speaking for cultivation, we dial in by strain here at goodblend. We do not take the blanket agriculture approach; it is not about extreme yields and a strict bar for potency. Our commitment is to the plant and the benefits that it provides with the proper care.”

As for medical marijuana products that could be expected in the future, they said to be on the lookout for a full line of solventless concentrates and vapes, including live rosin vapes once their labs are up and running. They also gave the following list of strains as currently in R&D and being pheno hunted with the possibility of making it to market based on quality assessment and standards of good product: Fried Ice Cream, Spiked Mai Tai, Scotty 2 Hotty, Super Sour, GMBlowV2, Golden Tuxedo, Brzkr, Mac Stomper, Big League Sherb, Chem Puff, Sour Dubb, Lemon Butter, Lilac Diesel, Project 562, Secret Formula, Bosscotti, Candy Crush, Piñata, and Bora Bora.

Their full Reddit AMA can be found here, which also includes responses providing more technical details on their growing process.



Goodblend is licensed in the PA medical marijuana program as a clinical registrant and located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They currently operate two dispensaries in the state, one in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh and one in Erie. The University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine acts as their required Academic Clinical Research Center.

Goodblend is the PA retail brand of Parallel, formerly known as Surterra Wellness. Parallel was founded in Florida by William “Beau” Wrigley. Wrigley is heir to the Wrigley Chewing Gum business. Parallel positions itself in the U.S. cannabis market as “one of the largest privately-held, vertically-integrated, multi-state cannabis operators in the United States with a simple mission -- to bring well-being and an improved quality of life through cannabinoids. We are an inclusive, people-centric company that puts our associates’, customers’, and communities’ well-being as a priority.”

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