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Columbia Care Launches Classix Flower Brand in Pennsylvania

Columbia Care recently introduced its Classix flower brand into the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program. In the fall of 2021, Columbia Care launched Classix in five different legal cannabis markets across the country including Arizona, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Illinois. They also launched the brand in Colorado in May of 2022.

The brand was initially acquired by Columbia Care in 2020 as a “legacy California Cannabis brand” after being developed by Project Cannabis. Jesse Channon, Chief Growth Officer for Columbia Care was quoted describing the brand in a 2021 press release as:

"a timeless lifestyle brand that has built an amazing following in California. As the newest member of our national brand portfolio, we are so excited to bring another trusted, high-quality product to consumers across the country.” Classix was built to be fun, light-hearted and pay homage to the musical moments that build community around cannabis, and is brought to life with unique and eye-catching packaging. It’s a fantastic addition to our house of brands as we continue to expand across our national platform."

The brand will be grown for PA at the gLeaf facility in Saxton, Pennsylvania, gLeaf is a subsidiary of Columbia Care. The initial strains for the launch include Sunny Diesel and Wharf Rat. Classix will be made available in both 3.5g and 7g dry leaf. This continues to expand the flower brands made available by Columbia Care in the PA program after launching Tyson 2.0 flower in May 2022.

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