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Allows medical marijuana patients to grow cannabis for personal use


Latest Action: Failed With End of 2022 Session


Permits any registered medical marijuana patient who is at least 21 years of age to cultivate cannabis for personal use. Allows patients to cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants that can be more than 5 inches tall and in a vegetative, fruiting, or flowering phase.

Provides that cannabis cultivation must take place in an enclosed and locked space. Permits patients to purchase cannabis seeds from a dispensary to grow at home but prohibits the seeds from being sold to any other person. Prohibits cannabis plants from being stored or placed in a location where the plants can be viewed by the public, and states that patients who cultivate must take reasonable precautions to ensure plants are secure from unauthorized access by minors. Prohibits cultivation from taking place anywhere except the residential property that is lawfully in possession of the patient or with the consent of the owner of the property. Property owners are allowed to prohibit cultivation by a lessee on their property.

Establishes that cannabis plants can only be tended to by a patient that resides at the residence, an authorized agent attending to the residence while a patient is away, or the caregiver of a patient who cannot tend to the plants. Subjects any patient who cultivates more than the allowable amount or sells cannabis plants they have grown to legal penalties.

This bill would take effect 60 days after it is approved.

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