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Enabling a More Effective Pathway for PA Grower/Processors to Connect with Medical Marijuana Patients

About Us

KCRA was founded by PA patients with the goal of improving the overall medical marijuana patient experience in Pennsylvania. Our platform is designed to provide simple, digestible educational resources that help patients navigate the PA Program and enable them to feel better informed and more connected to medical marijuana products and the growers that cultivate them. 


All information provided on our platform is for educational purposes only, nothing is for sale. 

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Our Partners

KCRA partners with licensed Pennsylvania grower/processors to make accurate, detailed information on their medical marijuana products directly available to the PA medical marijuana community through our platform. We are proudly partnered with Parea Biosciences and Vytal Options. Learn more about each by clicking their logo below.

Spotlight Program

The KCRA PA Spotlight Program shines a light on specific PA licensed grower/processors and medical marijuana products that are available to patients in the program. This is designed to give patients a more unique, in-depth look at the growers and products we see on dispensary shelves in Pennsylvania every day.


Check out our debut product spotlight, where we speak with the cultivators of Parea Biosciences to learn more about cannabis genetics and breeding and stay tuned for the launch of our KCRA Grower Spotlight soon!


Resource Center

We believe that transparency and access to information are vital to the success of the industry.  Our platform is designed to help patients navigate the program and learn about their medicine through simple, digestible resources. See all the resources we offer to patients below. This information is made publicly available for educational purposes only. 



We love hearing from anyone involved in the PA MMJ community!

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