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Parea Biosciences

License: Vertically Integrated
Grow Location: Coal Township, PA
Dispensary: KCIW

Parea Biosciences
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Parea cultivators are not simply following a manual, they are learning, growing and adapting with the plants every day. Through daily interaction and hands-on training, they gain a deep understanding of each plant's unique needs, allowing them to make informed decisions that lead to healthy and thriving plants. Parea is dedicated to providing their plants with the best possible growing conditions, and their gardeners are on site 7 days a week to ensure they're met. Whether it's in the hand-watered 'Terp Barn', sun-drenched greenhouses or state-of-the-art LED indoor rooms, their plants are given the care and attention they need to reach their full potential.

Parea believes that building a garden is about more than just producing cannabis, it's about creating something truly special that brings joy and healing to people's lives. Parea is proud to offer the fruits of their labors to the patients of Pennsylvania and hope that patients will enjoy them as much as they have enjoyed growing them for you.

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Parea Biosciences PA MMJ

Parea Biosciences believes that a true garden is not just a collection of plants, but a living and breathing ecosystem where plants, people and nature come together to create something truly special. Parea's approach to cannabis cultivation is centered around this belief, and their Gardens are a testament to the care and attention that goes into every plant they grow.

terpenes make the strain


Maximizing the terpene expression for each plant requires a combination of organic inputs, a carefully crafted dynamic feeding schedule and daily engagement and attention from passionate gardeners. By providing the right combination of nutrients, care and monitoring the plants' conditions, Parea creates an optimal growing environment that allows the plants to fully express their unique terpene profile. 

With a deep understanding of the plants' needs and a commitment to their growth and health, Parea's passionate gardeners bring out the most in their plants and allow them to showcase their true terpene potential. 

Sourcing genetics from reputable breeders is a crucial first step in achieving high terpene results in cannabis, as the right genetics can lay the foundation for a plant's potential to express a full and diverse range of terpenes. The Parea team has cultivated strong relationships within the cannabis industry over the past two decades, providing them with a direct line to legacy, unique and unreleased genetics, allowing Parea to bring high-quality cannabis to the people of Pennsylvania.


strain library


always hand-trimmed. always with love.

Parea cannabis is always hand-trimmed, allowing their trim team to carefully and meticulously shape each flower to perfection. This approach not only results in visually stunning buds, but also ensures that the potency and flavor of the cannabis is preserved.

But what truly sets the Parea trim team apart is their passion for cannabis. Their love and appreciation for this remarkable plant drives them to do their best work every day. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail is evident in every trimmed flower that leaves the Parea facility. Parea is proud to have such a talented and passionate trim team, and their efforts play a crucial role in delivering high-quality cannabis to our patients.


vape cartridges

live resin

Parea Live Resin oil is extracted using premium fresh frozen flower that utilizes their extensive and expertly curated library of genetics. The goal is to create terpene-rich medicinal cannabis oil that is small-batch-loaded into premium ceramic cartridges that provide discrete and powerful medication options for patients.

cured resin

Utilizing the same extraction processs as the Live Resin Cartridges, the Cured Resin Cartridges start by using harvested and dried flower instead of fresh frozen flower. Allowing the flower to "age like fine wine" over several days in air-tight containers gives the strain's natural terpene profile the ability to be fully developed and represented. 

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