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Pennsylvania Marijuana

Resource Center

We believe that transparency and access to information are vital to the success of the PA medical program. We use our platform to normalize and familiarize the public with medical marijuana by helping patients to navigate the program and feel better informed and more connected to their medicine.

PA Growers

Learn more about the licensed grower/processors operating in the PA medical program.

Spotlight Program

Get a unique, in-depth look at the growers, products, and companies that make up the PA cannabis industry.

PA Dispensaries

Browse the menus of all licensed dispensaries in the state of PA and find a dispensary close to you.

Product Education

Learn more about the MMJ products available in PA through our Product Education guides. 

PA Strain Library

Learn more about strains being offered by PA growers on dispensary shelves. 

Program Education

Find out how to get your card and legislative updates to the program that affect patients in PA. 

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