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White 99 is an immaculate cross of two long-loved, classic pungent strains: The White (indica) and Cinderella 99 (sativa). Evergreen, subtle earthiness, and ripe citrus fruit greet you on the nose, with the flavor of orange and lemonade.. Typically White 99 is a purely heady and cerebral experience, without much effects to the body. You may notice the muscles in your body release some needed tension, but fully don't rely on this sativa for pain relief or energy. White 99 can be very inspiring and motivating, helping to get creative juices flowing, sharpening mental focus, and act as that pick-me-up needed for depression and fatigue. Beware of dosing, however. In heavier doses, this strain can lead to anxious or recursive thinking due to its heavily stimulating nature.

White 99

The White x Cinderella 99

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