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Prime offers two distinct cultivars of its Urban Legend strain.

The new car pheno (#24) is reminiscent of its Chem 91 heritage, with distinguishable peach-colored pistils. Its dry flavor profile features notes of plastic, potpourri, and tennis balls. This pheno is higher in caryophyllene and bisabolol.


The bubba kush pheno (#48) has a tight afghan kush structure with lime green buds and dark purple hues. Its dry flavor profile features unique notes of incense, cream, grape, gas, and kush.


Current Batch Notes From Prime: Tight afghan structure with lime green flowers and dark purple hues and aromas of incense, spice, cream, grape, gas; (Bubba Kush) This batch has swollen bracts and darker hues overall. 

Urban Legend

Legend of 91 x Marie Laveau

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