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Lineage: Sour Dog x Ghost OG

Breeder: Top Dawg Seeds


Sour Ghost truly lives up to its name with a high limonene content emitting a pungent sour yet smooth lemon-lime aroma accompanied by a sharp hint of fuel that delicately shines through from the OG Kush deep within its lineage. This evenly balanced hybrid has quickly become a favorite amongst patients and can be great for daytime or nighttime use. These dense, sticky buds have some of the most unique colors that can be found in our bloom room with deep green calyxes showing off flecks of pink and purple; all surrounded by deep orange pistils. Sour Ghost's even trichome coverage has made it a go-to medicine for patients seeking help in aiding the symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation with a clear-headed boost to the mind and a delicate calm to the body

Sour Ghost

Sour Dawg x Ghost OG