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Lineage: GMO Cookies x Birthday Cake

Breeder: Cannarado Genetics


Party Foul is a one-of-a-kind hybrid that combines two award-winning strains into the perfect switch-hitter for daytime or nighttime use. A sweet and sour garlic scent with a smooth hint of vanilla and cherries brings the unique relationship between the GMO cookies and Birthday Cake into the spotlight.  Bred by Cannarado Genetics, this strain not only sets itself apart from the rest with a unique flavor profile but its compact green buds showcase large calyxes covered in soft white trichomes; packed to the tips with cannabinoids. Patients that are fans of cookies strains are sure to be impressed by Party Foul and its medicinal properties that have been known to help ease anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and nausea without sedating the mind.


Party Foul

GMO x Birthday Cake

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