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Lineage: (Chem #4 x Poison OG #4) x (Pure Thai x Face Off #4)

Breeder: The Source Genetics


Chem Face Off's colorful, dense bud structure houses a wonderfully pungent, floral scent derived from a modest representation of Linalool while the ever-present content of Limonene and Myrcene adds a clean edge to the aromatic profile complimented by the smells of fresh laundry and lemon cleaner.  This hybrid has been carefully selected for cannabinoid presence and terpene profile by Parea Biosciences. This strain has been known to help combat chronic pain, headaches, and insomnia while containing a dash of CBG that can provide anti-anxiety properties.  CBG has also been known to aid in combating inflammation and nausea.

Chem Face Off

(Chem #4 x Poison OG #4) x (Pure Thai x Face Off #4)

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