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Lineage: Apple Juice x Sundae Driver

Breeder: Cannarado


A slightly indica-dominant strain bred by Cannarado. Apple Fundae #17 has aromas that are similar to an apple whisky sour topped with spiced cinnamon. Its color resembles herbal sage while its flowers are covered in orange copper pistils that cannot be missed. It hits like a sativa at first with uplifting mental wellness. At the same time, body relaxation creeps into a pleasantly calm sense of well-being. The antispasmodic properties of this strain may be suitable for patients that experience tremors, muscular spasms and/or seizure activity. Other medical marijuana patients tend to consume Apple Fundae for episodes of chronic fatigue, daytime pain and managing intraocular pressure.


Apple Fundae #17

Apple Juice x Sundae Driver

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