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She Hulk Cured Sugar and Sauce

Grower / Processor: Parea Biosciences

Lineage: Bruce Banner x Jasmine Cat Piss

Breeder: THSeeds

She Hulk Concentrate Parea

Here, KCRA shines a spotlight on Parea’s She Hulk Cured Sugar and Sauce. We sat down with Parea Bioscience’s Directors of Extraction Abe Crowe and Chris Davila to learn more about their recently launched concentrate products and gain insight into the extraction process for the She Hulk before providing our own take on this pungent sugar.

If you want to learn about concentrate products and have a better understanding of the different medical marijuana concentrate products available to patients, visit our Concentrate Product Page.

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What is Cured Sugar and Sauce? And Briefly, How is it made?

Chris: “A “cured” sugar is always based on the ‘state’ of the flower being used, meaning that for a ‘cured’ sugar, the flower went through a curing process. When combining sugar and sauce, the sugar portion is going to be smaller, fragile, sugar granulations, different from how diamonds are going to be bigger structures. And then the ‘sauce’ portion that Parea reintroduces to the sugar, is either going to be liquidy or gel-like with extremely high terpene levels.”


Abe: “A crucial factor that differentiates cured and live sugars from other [isolate products] is the nucleation point for sugars. You want sugars to be bubbling and you want the concentrate to be wet with butane so that way each bubble is sitting there rolling in terpenes. As the THCA molecules start to gather, they get bigger and bigger, but they roll with the bubbles, so they never become clear. That way when everything links together, it's in a very chaotic, very cloudy, easily broken apart structure.”

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Be prepared to be drawn into the She Hulk cured sugar and sauce from its appearance alone. This concentrate product has a mesmerizing, light-yellow appearance that shimmers with chunky hunks of THCa sugar crystals and is covered in a light, oily sauce that oozes out from around the outer edges. The chunks of wet sugar crystals are easy to work with, crunchy and glistening. The appearance of this She Hulk alone showcases the time and energy Parea gives to their products for the sake of quality and makes you ready to give it a whiff and a try.

She Hulk

Abe: “I think one of the most important aspects of all of our concentrates is that everything we send out is going to be wet. Even our waxes and our crumbles are going to be a wet version of that product. You know, Parea loves our terpenes, but we also know that our products may not sell within the first six months of sitting on the shelf. So if you send out a product exactly at the consistency you're hoping for, in six to eight months, it's going to be dried out.”

Chris: "The She Hulk has a partially cured aspect to the product which means it's in the middle of a fresh frozen and cured product. The starting material was partially, not fully cured. I think that's really why this product shines and shimmers so much is because the terpene content was so similar to that fresh product. That creates that very nice, clear THCa granule that you’re always going to have with the live products, because the trichomes are a little bit clearer but also that nice, yellow sauce that has a shine and sheen to the THCa structure. So, it was both visually appealing to the eyes and appealing to the nose."

Cured Sugar and Sauce Concentrate

Aroma / Taste

Cannabis Terpenes

If you thought the She Hulk’s looks were impressive, wait until you give it a smell. When you open the container, you get smacked immediately with scents of potent pineapple and greasy grapefruit, that combine with funkier, fuel-like, almost offensive “in your face” aromas. What hits your nose first is the pungent, fresh citrus, fruity, grapefruit peel aromas that are bright and clean. This is followed by a heavy, sweet, musky, gasoline and pine tree scent with a warmer floral, spicy diesel tones that really punch you in the face.

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It’s always great when the product tastes the same as it smells. The She Hulk Cured Sugar and Sauce does not disappoint on that aspect, holding a terpene profile containing 7% of the product's weight in terps. This one tastes exactly how it smells. Caryophyllene (1.913%), limonene (1.833%), and myrcene (1.817%) dominate the terp profile providing pungent grapefruit and pineapple forward flavors that hit smooth and combine perfectly with the heavier spicy and gassy notes to give a potent taste that is enjoyable on both the inhale and exhale.

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Effects / Experience

When you hear the term “balanced hybrid” we are pretty sure it is referring to the She Hulk from Parea as a baseline. This is not going to be a one dimensional high. It has a really relaxing, smooth onset that comes with happy, lighthearted, and creative feelings. Further into use, your joints and muscle pain may begin to disappear as you relax and relieve some tension and stress. With these effects you can be prepared for some happy, lighthearted, giggly, smiley and creative feelings mixed in with droopy, red eyes, and some snacking.

Parea Biosciences

Overall, the She Hulk Cured Sugar and Sauce is an enjoyable strain that is a perfect choice for a warm summer afternoon chilling with some friends outside. It can provide an inviting experience that is balanced and multidimensional with effects that are relaxing while still allowing you to maintain focus. Warning to patients though, you can easily overdo this strain with how easy, tasty and smooth the She Hulk is to use. Just be careful. This product is still over 86% cannabinoids!

Abe: “For me, when I started using this [She Hulk] at first, I could not stop for this one. And it's not because of the effects, it's because of the enjoyment of the flavor. When I was able to visit cultivation, I smelled it instantly and I knew this thing was going to hit hard all the way through from the flower to jarring the sugar and sauce.”

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