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Notorious Cured Budder

Parea Biosciences

Here, KCRA shines a spotlight on Parea’s Notorious Cured Budder. We sat down with Parea Bioscience’s Directors of Extraction Abe Crowe and Chris Davila to learn more about their recently launched concentrate products and gain insight into the extraction process for the Notorious before providing our own take on this eye-popping budder.

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How Parea Defines Budders and Badders:

Abe: “When it comes to consistency, our experience and our understanding for budder versus badder seems to be a little bit different across the country depending on where you are. But one of the best ways to help a patient understand the differences between budder and badder is to look at how it's done in other processes. When you mix cake batter, what does it look like? If you are churning butter, what does that look like? This makes it easier to understand when you relate it to other things you might come across in life and realize it’s the same process for cannabis extraction.

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"At Parea, our budders are wetter than our badders. Our budders will be something like melted or room temperature butter. A super creamy, smooth product. Where our badder should be more like a brownie batter and will be a little bit more of a mixture. It'll still be wet, but you will see the granulation of the texture in that product. What I want everyone to take away when it comes to our concentrates is that there is no doubt that when you open our pucks, you'll know if it's a budder or a badder.”

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This Notorious Cured Budder is really unlike any other budder KCRA has come across since the program started. It is almost pure white in color with smooth, oily, buttery globs that give the budder a fresh and clean look. The consistency is similar to a room temperature butter that you would have sitting out on your table but get closer and you will notice how wet the budder is with a terpy sauce oozing out. Pulling a tool through this cured budder is literally as easy as a hot knife through butter, making this product easy to work with and even easier on the eyes!

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Chris: “Budders have to get whipped directly out of the extraction machine. It cannot have any type of wait time because then the homogenization process doesn't go exactly the same. If you have any type of crashing or any type of separation, it is not going to get that creaminess like the Notorious Budder did because you're going to have some type of granulation. What we do is take it directly out of the machine while it still has just enough butane in it to keep it wet and put it under an overhead stirrer. We usually do a whipping process at a super low speed and let it go low and slow to rotate and homogenize the whole product. That's why budders are so creamy. We don't give them time to separate or to crash out. When you are able to capture the homogenization process before any of that separation or crashing happens, you can get to the stability you want.”
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Aroma / Taste

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This Notorious Cured Budder has a ridiculous terpene profile, testing at over 15.6% terps. That means 15.6% of the total weight of this product is in terpenes alone! This is not a simple terp profile with a flavor that hits hard and heavy with the funky, garlic aromas from the high levels of caryophyllene (5.746%) providing a nice dose of spice. More of the fruity, pungent, sour citrus scents are coming from the limonene, humulene and beta-myrcene levels. These three terps makeup another 9% of the total weight of this budder.


The spiciness of the caryophyllene, humulene and myrcene mixes well with the other sharper-smelling, fruity, fragrant terps like pinene and linalool to create a complex and flavorful experience. Diesel fuel, earthy, musky and heavy flavors come through on the inhale with brighter, fruity, citrus, and pine tastes on the exhale.

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Effects / Experience

There is a pretty high initial bar that is set with a product that looks incredible and smells amazing, but the Notorious Cured Budder does not disappoint when it comes to the effects either. This budder can leave you floating on a cloud with some smooth, downbeat and relaxed vibes that are light enough to keep you out of the couch. Joint pain, inflammation and tight muscles seem to loosen up and disappear for some time with effects that are really enjoyable, happy effects that might have your eyes a little droopy and red but will have you up and dancing to some music.

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Overall, this Notorious can be a perfect after work decompression choice to help reduce your anxiety, muscle and joint pain and help you hangout, relax and wind down after a long day. Put on some lo-fi beats and vibe out with your pet or a friend and enjoy the environment with this cured budder. The Notorious Cured Butter is probably not going to put you to sleep but it will have you feeling comfortable, chilled out and we would recommend some snacks and munchies within arm's length.

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Chris: “I do like sugars and sauces and diamonds and sauce, but the reason why I enjoy budder so much is because if you're looking to dose properly or you have a certain dose that you are looking for consistently, a homogenized product is the best way you're going to be able to achieve accurate dosing every single time.”

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