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Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Grower/Processors

The KCRA PA Growers Resource provides individual looks at each operational licensed grower/processor in the state of PA. Grower’s that are “vertically integrated” operate cultivation facilities and dispensaries in PA. Licensed clinical registrants also have the capability of operating both a cultivation facility and dispensaries, and growers that are “multiple state operators” (MSO) operate in multiple legal/medicinal markets across the United States. Many licensed growers also make different brands available to patients. You can mouse over each grower below to see the different brands provided by each grower in PA.  

Licensed Grower/Processors that partner with KCRA to provide more detailed information directly to patients through our PA Growers Resource are listed first below. Continue scrolling on this page to see the full list of all licensed PA Growers and get the basic information on each.

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Our Partners

KCRA partners with licensed Pennsylvania grower/processors to make accurate, detailed information on medical marijuana products and licensed growers directly available to the PA medical marijuana community through our platform. We are proudly partnered with Parea Biosciences. Learn more by clicking their logo below or continue scrolling for more information on all licensed PA growers in the program.

Parea Biosciences

All Licensed PA Medical Marijuana Grower/Processors

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