Standard Farms

License: Grower/Processor

Grow Location: White Haven, PA

MSO: Yes (Owned by TILT Holdings)

Standard Farms

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Highsman is an elite mentality that is defined by an appreciation for greatness, and it comes to life as the official cannabis lifestyle brand of legendary NFL running back, Ricky Williams.

Whether Ricky needed to focus on a tough game ahead or disconnect from the daily grind, cannabis was a key part of his health and wellness routine. Ricky was scrutinized by the NFL and sports fans alike throughout his career, but he knew that restricting his cannabis consumption meant restricting who he truly was as an individual.

Ricky launched Highsman to provide communities of sports fans and herb enthusiasts everywhere with a platform to own their relationship with cannabis and its ability to unlock true, personal greatness. Ricky introduces three cannabis collections designated for different moments throughout the day: Pregame—an energizing lineup of sativas; Halftime—a balanced collection of iconic hybrids; and Postgame—a lineup of recovery-focused indicas.

Achieving greatness is a hands-on experience for Ricky, from strain selection, to naming Highsman’s newest flower. Hundreds of world-renowned strains were put through a seemingly endless gauntlet of testing to identify those worthy of wearing the Highsman brand.