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Standard Farms

License: Grower/Processor

Grow Location: White Haven, PA

MSO: Yes (Owned by TILT Holdings)

One of the first medical marijuana growers in Pennsylvania, Standard Farms has specialized in cultivating and extracting pure, organic and natural medical cannabis products since the very start. As a standard bearer of quality, Standard Farms offers a variety of strains, cartridges, tinctures, and capsules for medical cannabis patients in Pennsylvania.

Patient-centered care is paramount for the brand; the founders designed simple iconography to assist patients in easily finding the formulation that’s right for them. Standard Farms pledges to only use natural ingredients through extraction and cultivation, including medical cannabis derived cannabinoids and terpenes expertly grown and extracted from medical cannabis at Standard Farms. Products are tested in-house and in licensed laboratories, to ensure product efficacy, consistency, and quality. A truly modern marijuana company built on innovation.

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