AYR Wellness

License: Vertically Integrated

Grow Location: Warrendale, PA; Pottsville, PA

MSO: Yes

Dispensary: AYR Wellness

AYR Wellness

AYR Brand Family


Purity, preserved. Performance, peaked. Product, perfected.

At Origyn, our talented experts harness the raw power of the world’s finest plants, extracting its transformative benefits and surfacing its sensorial properties. Each handcrafted concentrate goes through an innovative proprietary extraction process that preserves its pure, high-quality actives, while eliminating any unwanted additives.

Overseeing the entire production process allows us to bring out the plant’s most authentic expression—enhancing your wellness, elevating your experience and expanding the boundaries of medical marijuana as we know it.

Enjoy Origyn and experience a force of nature.

AYR Strain Library