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Organic Remedies Launches New Medical Marijuana Product Line Steel City Greats

Organic Remedies has partnered with former Pittsburgh Steeler Linebacker Ryan Shazier to launch its Steel City Greats medical marijuana product line. The goal of the product line is stated as “helping patients to improve their quality of life by managing pain, anxiety, and depression. 

The Steel City Greats Ryan Shazier brand is initially introducing four premium strains of dry leaf flower, including Shazier #50, Shalieve, Walking Miracle, and Speed available in 3.5g. Going forward, additional manufactured products will be added to the product line, including vape cartridges, topicals, and capsules. 

Organic Remedies President Eric Hauser was quoted speaking about the partnership saying:

“Organic Remedies is honored to partner with Ryan on launching this exciting brand to Pennsylvania patients. Together, we are working to help more patients with serious illnesses live a better quality of life and experience the restorative healing of medical marijuana. Ryan’s story is one of triumph. He is a true champion in so many ways, and we are delighted to help our patients achieve their own victories throughout their personal wellness journey.”

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