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Cresco Brings FloraCal Farms Products to PA Dispensaries

Cresco has officially launched its premium craft brand FloraCal Farms into the PA medical marijuana market. FloraCal will initially offer Live Rosin vape cartridges and Live Rosin Badder to patients in Pennsylvania.

This comes off the back end of FloraCal being launched in Cresco’s home market of Illinois in late April of 2022. At the time of the launch Cresco’s CEO and Co-Founder Charles Bachtell was quoted saying:

"FloraCal Farms’ vision is to deliver a first-class experience to sophisticated cannabis consumers who value unique terpene profiles, flower structure and all the fruits of artisanal cultivation and processing methods," said Charles Bachtell, CEO & Co-Founder of Cresco Labs. "We plan to launch FloraCal Farms in other markets throughout the year to reach the ultra-premium shopper. Along with our Cresco and High Supply brands, our uniquely designed portfolio architecture of tiered inhalable offerings and pricing will allow us to offer a variety of value propositions for consumers and to compete incredibly well in the marketplace."

The company’s live rosin vapes and concentrates follow solventless extraction processes that remove the oil containing components from the raw materials simply through ice water and manual agitation, without the use of chemical solvents. The resulting materials are pressed to produce live rosin products.

Learn more about FloraCal Farms here.

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