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AYR Brings Lost in Translation (LIT) Flower Brand to PA

AYR has officially made its Lost in Translation (LIT) flower brand available to PA medical marijuana patients. The brand offers strains in the Reserve, Premium, and Classic categories for patients to choose from. Some of the strains made available from LIT’s first harvest include Double Myntz, Sour Cream, Red Velvet Cheesecake, The Super Soap, and Bubble Bath #16.

AYR describes its LIT brand as follows:

“We are a family of medical cannabis pioneers with a deep-rooted belief that from humble beginnings come great things. With an innate passion for the beauty and essence of marijuana artistry, we set out to preserve our craft and safeguard its roots from getting Lost in Translation. It’s through this philosophy that we can fulfill our purpose, to deliver unique terpene-rich flavors that will illuminate your mind, body and soul.”

This adds to AYR’s existing medical marijuana flower offerings in PA that includes Revel, Seven Hills, and the recently launched Kynd.

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