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AYR Brings Kynd Premium Flower Brand to PA

On Friday July 15, 2022, AYR officially made its premium flower brand Kynd available to the Pennsylvania medical marijuana program. The brand will only initially be made available exclusively at the eight different AYR locations across the state in both 3.5g and 7g dry leaf offerings.

AYR describes its Kynd brand as:

"Born from the depths of the desert, mere miles from Lake Tahoe’s majestic presence, a new Kynd of medical marijuana surfaces. Artisanal. Exceptional. Made for all. Our superpower? Flower. It’s what we live, breathe and believe in. From big-name strains to one of a Kynd finds, focusing only on flower guarantees no one does it better. Kynd celebrates all facets of the cannabis journey and is dedicated to raising standards across the entire industry. Our sole purpose is to deliver an exceptional experience for ALL humankynd.”

A few of the strains initially made available from the Kynd include Fried Ice Cream, Motor Breath, Watermelon Gelato, Kush Cream #13, and The Glove. This brand launches in addition to AYR’s current flower offerings of Revel and Seven Hills.

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