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Smokeless Products 

Smokeless medical marijuana products offer patients an alternative consumption method to the traditional method of vaporizing medical marijuana. We separate these into RSO, tincture, capsules, and topicals. Convenience, comfortability, and discretion are popular reasons for choosing some of these medical marijuana products. 

RSO (Extract Syringe)




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RSO (Extract Syringe)

What is RSO?

RSO, which can also be commonly labelled as an “extract syringe” or "sauce syringe" is a full spectrum cannabis extract that is typically packaged and dispensed in a plastic syringe to be consumed orally. RSO was one of the first cannabis extracts and still maintains popularity as an efficient and highly effective way to get the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.


To make RSO cannabis buds will be combined with a solvent to produce a full spectrum product that maintains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and all other plant material into a concentrated oil. A key difference in RSO production is that RSO is decarboxylated. This means that the product does not need to be vaporized or heated to turn THCA into active THC. This allows RSO and other extract syringes to be consumed orally to get the effects of the THC. Important to remember, dabbing or vaporizing decarboxylated products is not recommended. Whether or not RSO can be consumed by dabbing will depend on the how the grower produced the product.

Overall, it is known as a versatile, full-spectrum, smokeless option for patients. This can be a great option for anyone, but particularly for patients who adverse to vaporization and still want the benefits of a product that has all the terpenes and cannabinoids of the original plant. RSO allows patients to be precise in their dosing to control the effects and consuming the product is as easy as placing a desired dose on a piece of food and eating it. RSO also allows patients to make their own edibles, which is legal for medical marijuana patients in PA.      

Marijuana RSO
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What are Tinctures?

Tinctures or “oral solutions” are traditionally cannabis extracts that are consumed orally through measured dropper pipets. Tinctures have been produced for centuries and were one of the first forms of prescribed cannabis as medicine. While ethanol or high-grade alcohol has long been used to make cannabis tinctures, many grower/processors are beginning to use non-ethanol and non-alcoholic substitutes to produce tincture. 


Like other products meant to be consumed orally, the starting cannabis material needs to be decarboxylated to activate the THC from THCA.  This makes tinctures another good smokeless alternative for many patients. They are typically consumed sublingually (under the tongue) or mixed into food or drink. Because the product is taken orally patients should always remember that the onset of effects typically takes longer due to the ingestion method. A precise dosing pattern is usually recommended to maintain an effective balance of the effects of tincture. 

Tinctures and CBD

Many smokeless alternatives like tincture are not only an effective way to consume THC products. CBD tincture and tincture with THC and CBD ratios are also a popular choice for patients. Growers will take advantage of the versatility involved in the production process to create recipes in which products are high in CBD or a mixture of CBD and THC. The process for making a high-CBD solution will traditionally have hemp or a high CBD strain as the starting material. Overall, tinctures are a great product for those seeking the therapeutic benefits of THC, or both THC and/or CBD. 

Marijuana Tincture


What are Capsules?

Medical Marijuana Capsules are made using some form of cannabis extract placed into a pill designed for oral consumption. Growers will vary in the extract used for capsules and if they mix the extract with any other solution to result in easier digestion and effect. Capsules are commonly filled with either RSO, distillate, or another form of cannabis extract that is prepared for oral consumption. Like many other products made for oral consumption they will not have a quick onset, so it is always important to remember to not take another dose too quickly.

The level of THC contained in capsules will vary depending on the milligram of the capsules. They can range from 5 mg doses that contain low levels of THC to 50 mg doses that contain a much higher concentration of THC per capsule. Overall, capsules are another good smokeless alternative for getting the therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant. 

Marijuana Capsules


What are Topicals?

Cannabis infused topicals and lotions are made by mixing decarboxylated cannabis oil or hemp seed oil with solutions such beeswax, coconut oil, or aloe vera gel to create a salve or balm to be applied directly to the skin. Cannabis oils will not result in any psychoactive effects because they are not being absorbed into the bloodstream, but cannabis is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties when applied directly to an effected area. 

Topicals are completely non-intoxicating and will not induce the effects associated with other consumption methods of cannabis. They are a popular choice for patients seeking localized pain relief without the additional effects of vaporizing or consuming active THC. Topicals are a great way for patients dealing with localized pain or inflammation to begin accessibly and safely using medical marijuana as a treatment option. 

Marijuana Topicals
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