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Requires Certifying Practitioners to Take an Annual Education Course


Latest Action: Referred to House Committee on Professional Licensure


Requires practitioners registered with the Department of Health to issue medical marijuana certifications to take an annual four-hour training course regarding the latest scientific research on medical marijuana. Currently, practitioners are only required to complete a training course when registering with the Department. This bill would now require practitioners to take the training course as a requirement for renewal of their license.

The bill also amends the current definition of practitioner under medical marijuana laws to include physician assistants, pharmacists, registered nurse practitioners, podiatrists, chiropractors, and osteopathic doctors. The required course would consist of at least one credit hour in patient safety, one credit hour in the latest advances in medical marijuana, and one credit hour in ethics. All required courses must be approved by the medical marijuana advisory board and be created by the DOH, academic clinical research centers, and clinical registrents.

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